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What is Feng Shui - Feng Shui Theory  

Fengshui is an age old art and discipline developed in China, over 3000 years ago. It is a multifaceted subject of knowledge, that divulges the talent to balance the energies of the 3-dimensional co-ordinates to swear good health and fortune for people practising and following it.

Feng is for “Wind” and Shui symbolizes “Water”. In the cultural history if China, water and wind had the utmost prominence being correlated with good crop yield and health. Thus fengshui means good wealth and kismet.

Fengshui is based on Taoist traditions and their perception of nature, particularly on their belief that nature is filled with an invisible energy all over, which is known as Chi, in chinese language. The ancient chinese had immense belief in this energy and that it has the potential to lead a kindom to prosperity or to its downfall. Some of the basic features of fengshui analysis are the assumptions of yin and yang, which are the positive and negative energies respectively along with the 5 fengshui elements.

A compass and the Ba-gua are the prime tools used in fengshui. Ba-gua is an octagonal gridiron which includes the cryptogram of I Ching, a primeval prophesy which is the basis of fengshui. Having an understanding of the Ba-gua helps in recognizing the relation between specific fengshui areas which influence the specific phases of life.

Feng Shui in home

Employing the fengshui designs and remedies in your home has a philosophical effect in your life. Having its practices extracted from ancient knowledge and rituals, fengshui helps to absorb the positive forces of the universe.

When you have a look at your home,  you will be in a dilemma to make changes to specific locations especially when you are staying in a mansion. However, following the principles of feng shui in the home design help you analyze from where to begin and its connotions.  Using fengshui techniques is not just about making physical ammendments, but about giving importance to every object at home to have its positive effect.

A fengshui is one place where all the materials are in perfect accord with each other, whether they are the elements of fengshui or the colors being used to enhance the look of your home. Fengshui is about complementing the energies of the sentinent with intert,  and that of spirit with the universe to attract the positive energies of nature flowing withing your home. Every object in your home is permeated with life similar to the nature outside 4 walls and has scientific evidence for it.

It may lead to perplexity and anarchy, when one tries to resolve all the disparities in life at once using the feng-shui elements. It is advised to understand the implication of various materials of the environment and their consequences on your life. Making changes extravagantly may lead to discord the existing affiliation between the objects.  Fengshui should be implemented in phases, tested by making small changes that influence the chi of the space as it is nothing but flow of energy between objects and people. Also, before practising it one should understand its spiritual nature and spirit.

Many aspects of life, viz., health, reputation, family etc are deeply linked to various sectors of your home, which can be established with the help of baguna map. The splendor of fengshui is that it makes those things perceptible,  which were left unnoticed at your home. Tunnel vision is the phenomenon through which you can see the transformation of things. When you look at your surroundings through fengshui, your view of the objects change altogether. It helps to identify explicit areas in your home which have been not so lucky for you and helps in classifying the problem areas. Fengshui opens the doors to spiritual universe, to help you understand and be acquainted with the elements that have been invisible so far.

In a fengshui home, any change or remedy implemented should be a premeditated act, performed with the purpose of improving your life. Fengshui  works best when one is very attentive while performing the tasks.  It is advisable to research about various fehgshui elements and colors before using it . Once you have gained the required knowledge about fengshui, there is no harm in trying it to design your home on your own. You would have the capability to balance the negative energies present in the materials when you have some insight into, what fehgshui is all about. Also, employing the color techniques of the fengshui  helps in the movement of chi, the positive energy that leads to a happier life.

Fengshui in Office

With the help of simple tips and guidelines, fengshui helps in the proper utilization of your office space and to enhance your productivity.

Fengshui tips for offices:

Remove Clutter:

An office should be well organized and competent. Fengshui kindles a kind of negative energy called Chi,  in premises which are untidy, which should be minimized. All the irrelevant materials in the office can be abandoned. It helps to enlighten the intellectual, and make you joyful and confident at work.

Position of the desk:

Your desk should be in an imposing position. This is to have a striking view of your desk, clear view of the entrance and also to have an amusing view from your window. The desk should be placed near a wall for stability. According to fengshui, the desk position influences your performance in the office.

Shape of your desk:

Your frame of mind and and output are influenced by the shape of your desk. Your creativity is enhanced, when you have circular desks. A bean shaped desk resembles the natural curves of a human body, hence it arouses your sub-concious mind.

Placing the plants:

Having indoor plants at work place helps you to have proximity with the natural world. Green color encourages the creativity within you which would help you to be innovative at work. Having a greener work environment help in the flow of Chi (energy) at the corners of the room which are otherwise devoid of any vigor. Also, plants purify the air within the premises, leaving more oxygen to breathe.

Choosing the correct light:

Daylight is the most preferable source of luminosity. Hence it is always advisable to move closer to a window. However, one should not sit right in front of a window or any fluoroscent light, which may strain and tire out your eyes.  Having warm lights at your work helps  instead of fluoroscent ones, which would help to develop a positive frame of mind and energy.

Use of fengshui colors:

Fengshui colors helps in maintaing harmony in your work atmosphere. It’s  good to have the ambience in red, blue or purple which enhance the affluence of your work place.

Fengshui and Bagua:

Bagua helps in arranging the furniture and other material at your work place appropriately, which enhances disclipline, wealth and talent. A stronger sense of concentration and principles in life are developed when the gua’s of the bagua map are implemented to resolve the connection between various spaces.  Fengshui components can be used to create equilibrium between Yin and Yang energies.

Significance of color in Fengshui practice

Flowers fill any one’s mind and soul with bliss and ecstacy. Flowers replicate colors which have exceptional tint to effect you in several ways. Fengshui uses these colors to renovate your life.

A plant which was once a small seed, penetrates the earth raising itself and marches towards the sky. Yin energy, which is inert becomes more scattered as it moves up towards the sky.  Blue, Green, White and violet are some of the colors to possess Yin energy.

More vibrant colors are to be used instead of artistic and hallucinating colors, as per fengshui.  Yang fengshui colors help to perform better at your work and be excited and creative. Your color preference has the power to influence your life in several aspects, according to fengshui. It is very important to understand the effect of fengshui colors in your life.

Colors and Fengshui design

Yin Colors and Feng Shui

According to fengshui, ying colors have soothing and curative power. The affiliation between various fengshui colors can be understood by knowing about the colors mentioned below:

Blue:  Blue color possess yin energy which has a tranquil effect. It is of great importance in fengshui and has an healing effect. Fengshui associates blue with exploration and discovery. Blue is the color of intelligence and knowledge hence it is associated with sea and sky.

Black:  According to fengshui, black color signifies wealth and income. Black when mixed with a metal is considered to be auspicious for careers. It is the fengshui color of sentiment and supremacy.

Purple:  It is the last color of the spectrum is considered to effectual in physical and psychological healing.

White: While resembles purity and self-confidence. It has yin energy due to which its combination with gold or silver generates soothing atmosphere.

Some other colors like Pink and Green have their own prominence in fengshui, which are effective in various ways in several combinations.

Yang colors and fengshui:

Yang colors tend to contain elements of fire and wood. These colors provide the required motivation that is required to achieve or inspire things in life. Yang colors described in the fengshui way are mentioned here under: 

Yellow: Considered to be an auspicious color, similar to red. According to fengshui, yellow represents sunlight, tenderness, happiness and grace. However, a long-drawn-out exposure to yellow might trigger anxiery according to 'Color Feng Shui’ professionals.

Orange: According to fengshui, orange helps in improving concentration due to the presence of yang energy. Yellow color can be used, when one runs out of creativity, which ignites a sense of purpose from within.

Some of the other colors are brunette, crimson, burgundy, violet and gold, which have their implications and represent various entities like love, wealth and romance. These colors can used individually or in combinations  with fengshui elements or to stabilize the Chi of your Feng Shui Home , Feng Shui Bed Room, or Feng Shui Office.

The direction of your home has a far-fetched effect on the colors and fengshui that influence your home. Some of the colors that fengshui defines for the use in exterior frontage of your home can enhance the look of your house.

When a house is facing south, its exteriors when painted in white, grey or blue enhance the flow of chi in the premises, while for the one facing east,  metallic color is very effective.

The prime motive behing this entire article is to understand the affiliation between colors and fengshui. However, in order to practice fengshui, one has to understand its intricacies to have a positive outcome. Fengshui is not just about knowing colors, but it is the passion within oneself to understand the spiritual universe.  The positive energy chi, is nothing but the positive frame of mind, which drives the divine energy within and the surroundings.

Fengshui design

Fengshui help you to make significant changes to your surroundings or living space to drive the flow of chi, the positive energy within. Some fengshui ideas have been presented below, which can help beginners to understand the basics  to apply the fengshui principles to enhance their lives.

Similar to yin and yang, the positive and negative energies in nature, there are some areas that drive positive energy while some drive negative, within your home. Fengshui designs when implemented help you to control the chi, that is too strong and then create a harmonious atmosphere, that is the basis of a flourishing life.

Fengshui design and power areas:

There are some “ power areas” recognised in fengshui which have been recognised to be 9 in number, which have variable potential within the 4 walls of your home. A power spot can range from a big room to a small corner, however it has strong influence on your life, which may effect you during a particular time. Fengshui spots are exclusive and cast different results for different people, family or home. They are deeply influenced by the shape and structure of the surroundings and also the events happening in the life of an individual. 

Fengshui design and architecture:

One can make the maximum use of fengshui, when constructing a new house. A fengshui expert can offer designs, which are easy to implement. It is always better to identify the ‘power areas’  and then develop the house as per them. Bagua is one fengshui tool, that can be applied to have better designs in your home. The areas where we may spend most of the time while at home can be seen as ‘power areas’. By designing thm first, the rest of the house can be constructed focussing on them. As an example, bedroom can be positioned in the area that corresponds to a segment of ‘baguna” that represents love, matrimony and health. Fengshui also provides guidelines to decide upon the direction of your bed. The entrance of your home should be in the most favourible direction to receive maximum chi, or life energy .

Problem areas in home:

As there are ‘power areas’, a house might also have trouble areas, which can have a negative effect on your health, relations and finances in several ways. Fengshui guides you to identifies these areas and convert them to positive energy to have the most favourable and effective results. While implementing the fengshui ideas, it is always advisable to target them at problem areas initially and then move to the latter part of the house. The key to success lies in identifying the areas with servere issues, and resolving them first. This helps  to decide upon the areas of your home, that need the utmost attention.

Also, one way to identify the problem area in your house is to relate it to the problem that you might be facing currently  in your routine life. Like, if you are facing any financial issues, then you can identify the areas corresponding to finance with the help of baguna, and then enhance the chi flow in that area by using fengshui to achieve the desired result.

Fengshui design change at home:

The success of fengshui lies in self evaluation, by trying the fengshui design yourself. Right from emotions to relationships, from  finances to day-to-day activities, one sould take everything into acount while performing fengshui design changes.  Every design change that you perform is vital, even if they are petty like changing the location of your furniture, or relocating the other objects at home using fengshui. Wood signifies strength and courage, and the tree-rings can point-to, how many years the tree has lived. Hence, having too much wood at home may cause too much energy , which may be hostile. Fengshui designs make use of all the elements in restraint to create stability in space.  It is advisable to concentrate one spot while spreading the fengshui energy, rather than all the spots at a time.

Understanding the concept of Fengshui design:

Below are the ideas which can help you understand the concept of fengshui in a clear manner. A long narrow lobby always carries Chi, directly in a straight line, which gives the extra energy to chi to create imbalance of energy in the room. Due to this, the cornet of the room, where the entire chi is accumulated may be possessing extra energy which may be undergo severe conseqences in day to day activities. Also, it is not at all advisable to have a bathroom at the end of the room.  Plumbing activities,  represent a houses financial activies and having a flush at the end of the hall means; flushing the money through toilet, if one loses chi due to this kind of structure of the hall. A remedy to this would be to make small ammendments like having big portraits in the hall, placing plants in the hall, or arranging the objects in the home according to the fengshui design techniques. By doing these, chi will neither be confined to one single area, not move in a sraight like but creates an equilibrium of energy all over. A bathroom designed with fengshui system will have the money pouring in.

Corner areas are often less cocentrated, where Chi can be negligible or which is not under. Chi can be balanced all over the room, including the corner areas with the help of fengshui designs and techniques. One way to achieve this is by placing an appropriate object  in corners which can attract positive energy. Sometimes, even lamps or small desks can also be used for this purpose.  A dark corner can be transformed into an attractive corner which have lot of grace an elegance.

Fengshui Health

Do you get good night sleep?

Sleep is a very important activity and has a lot of influence on your day-to-day activities. A bedroom is an area, where one spends considerable amount of time in a day, right from dressing to sleep, everything  happens in bedroom. Hence the bedroom should be very tidy, with the most comfortable couch, pillow and mattresses. The room should be kept tidy, and regular maintenance and cleaning is required.

Health factors:

DO you exercise regularly? Have you taken a proper healthy diet?  It is very important to understand that the food which we take in should not only be calorie and energy levels, but also in yin and yang. Right from taking in food cooked in microwave oven to the coffee taken during the bed time, everything plays an important role according to fengshui.

Fengshui and sleep:

It is not good to keep electronic items in the bedroom. An example is the television, which may be a source of entertainment, but it may release a lot of yang energy, the negative energy withing the premises which may upset your sleep pattern.

The atmosphere of your bedroom should be relaxing and calm. Even a computer may release lot of yang energy, and also act as reflectors when they are switched off. According to fengshui, one should not have reflecting items in the bedroom. This may have negative effects on married couple, for whom due to the presence of reflecting items  yin energy may cause imbalances in their marital life.

Your bedroom décor:

Bedroom should not be colored in dark and violent colors. It should be painted in soft neutral colors which attract and spread more yin energy, the positive one. Also, one should have their bedding, which is very clean and preferably light colors should be used for bedsheets and pillows.


The room should have adequate lighting, though not extravagantly bright. One can try adding new things in the bedroom,  however the priority should be to go their level of comfort and requirements.  


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