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What is Vaastu


Vaastu is an age-old science engaging architecture and construction techniques that help in developing an amiable surrounding. It also extracts certain elements from nature and is believed drive cosmic energy that attributes to health, pleasure and affluence.


Vaastu Shastra is an amalgamation of science with astronomy and the traditional techniques of astrology. Vastu, the science of co-ordinates, combines the elements of nature and works towards the betterment of man.


Our ancestors had extraordinary understanding of the unseen power embedded in the elements of the universe and they tried to use the power for the benefit of mankind. They had immense potential to dig out the cosmic power and re-direct the influences of gravitational and magnetic effect. They also were able to identify different galaxies in the sky, predict seasons and rainfall, also the direction and velocity of wind, measure the intensity of heat and light and also study the effects of UV and IR radiation to provide humans a better understanding of the world and the universe on the whole. They were able to construct huge monuments which were used for residence, temple, coliseums’, educational institutions and several others which served as a purpose of improving human life. They had developed scientific methodologies and equipments which can be molded to human requirements.


Why One Should Follow Vastu?


Vaastu is nothing but the interaction of various forces of nature that includes the elements of earth, water, wind, fire and ether and their attempt to maintain symmetry to guide and influence the lives of not only humans but every organism on the earth. Our actions, fate, destiny and entire life is influenced by these forces. Vasstu shashtra is the awe-inspiring illumination of the surrounding and their influence on life. The literal meaning of vaastu in Sanskrit is “home” and its doctrines to create an accord between the elements of nature.


Vaastu shastra is the combined study of science, architecture, astronomy and astrology. It helps to enhance our lives and can turn the face of negative effects in our life. It is an age-old architectural science which envelopes the philosophical and theoretical works of structural design. It extracts its power from various forces of the nature like: 

  • Solar Energy
  •  Lunar Energy
  •  Energy from Earth and Sky
  •  Magnetic Energ
  •  Thermal Energy
  •  Wind Energy
  •  Light Energy and
  •   Cosmic Energy 

The proper utilization of these energies leads us to pleasure, concord, prosperity and wealth in our life.


As we have architectural code and regulations these days to construct buildings and structures, our ancestors had their techniques evolved from vaastu shashtra. According to the science of vaastu, Purush is referred as the god of architectural. Vaastu is not only scientific, but also based on a reason. It is permanently based on co-ordinates and direction which cannot be changed. It is very valuable, since it bridges the gap between man and nature is very practical and easy to follow. Following the guidelines of vaastu in constructing their home, one can lead a healthy and prosperous life.


Vaastu can be followed in the construction of any structure like home, temple, shop, industry, town, planning towns, cities at any place on the earth. Life on earth begins with Sunrise and ends with sunset; hence the sun has its prominence in the life of every human being. It emits UV rays in the morning and IR rays in the evening which are very viral in the generation and of bio-chemical organisms, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Di-oxide on the earth.


Our sun is an indication of illumination, will power and generosity. It influences every aspect of our life, right from our entire bio-system to survival. Hence EAST is considered to be auspicious and is believed that lord Indra is the master of this direction. North is also a favorable direction since the earth’s magnetic field moves from NORTH to SOUTH, thus sustaining the entire life on the planet?


Air (Vaayu), Water (Jal) and Fire (Agni) are the 3 forces responsible for harmony in one’s life. One should respect these forces and hold them in their respective areas to avoid commotion in life. If the combination and purpose of these forces is interchanged, then it may lead to chaos in life.



Authenticity of Vaastu


The evidence of vaastu can be seen in the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Vaastu Shastra’s prominence and influence can also be seen in the earlier civilizations of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.  Going back to the times of Mahabharata and Ramayana, there are a number of stories involving the origin of Vaastu Purush (the deity for Vaastu).


Research carried out on our mythological tales, reveals that Vaastu is a science and should be followed sincerely. Nature is effected by the geography of the area, hence Vaastu for every place is variable. There are countries which are very advanced while some are under developed. For example, Japan is an island located in the deep waters of North-East, which is considered most favorable according to vaastu.  The eastern side of Japan is extensively broad and open. Thus Japan gets complete benefit from the sun’s rays and is hence, rich and prosperous. To the south and south-east, there is a sea with volcanoes due to which it had to undergo a nuclear attack.  When it comes to Africa, is north-east cornet is interpolated. North-west segment is projected and south and south-east have unlimited water which are not auspicious as per vaastu. This can be a reason, why the African countries are deprived and backward. On the contrary, there is a Mediterranean sea to the north which is encouraging according to vaastu. In the eastern side, the Nile river flows which is the reason for the development of civilizations in Egypt and other countries surrounding it.


Looking at our own country India, we have the Himalayas in the north and north-east which is not good as per vaastu. Hence we have lot of poverty in our country. We have water bodies to the south-west and south-east of our country due to which we had to face the assault of foreign empires. One thing which is very much favorable to our nation is that it is slant towards east, which is very good for it.


Another example is the Taj Mahal. While gained the popularity all over the world, another monument similar to the Taj, called "chandbibi ka makbara" which is in Aurangabad is not so famous. Also this is one of the reasons why Tirupathi temple is renown all over, while other temples located in the same province are less known. This is the power of vaastu. All those monuments gained popularity were built as per vaastu, while others were not. Hence to gain bliss, tranquility and affluence one need to follow the vaastu.


Vaastu is a pragmatic science. Over a period of time, supported from the knowledge of Vedas and studies carried out on a number of monuments, temples, houses and building revealed the positive association between the relevance of vaastu principles and triumph.

The same can be applied in constructing the present day buildings and other edifices.


Water in the north-east is considered to be favorable and hence Mumbai has seen tremendous development. Also the city has a atomic power plant (Agni) to the south-east, which is very propitious.


Another example is the Balaji temple, which was build according to vaastu had water to the north-east, kitchen to the south-east and the deity to the south-west facing east and so-on. Research on cities like New York, London, Singapore, Hong-Kong etc has shown that they were developed as per the principles of vaastu.


Benefits of Vaastu


Vaastu is only a medium to achieve cadenced inner space, to gain the necessary vigor to sustain in life in spite of pain and hardships in life. A building which has been constructed as per the principles of vaastu, benefits the physical, psychological and spiritual development of the people living inside and thus the entire society and mankind. 


Physical: Provides soothing effect, when the premise is constructed with proper space, good ventilation, color and form.


Psychological: Leads to prosperity, releases tension and improves relationships.


Spiritual: This stimulates the purpose and understanding of life and reminds the pursuit of touching the innermost senses.


Vaastu also helps in: 

  • Inspired thoughts and philosophy.
  •  Ability to solve problems and to make right choices.
  •  Contentment and Intelligence.
  •  Soothing sleep and rest.
  •   Psychological awareness and rejuvenated feeling throughout the day. 


Techniques of Vaastu Shastra


This helps in understanding the modus operandi of the entire Vaastu Shastra. This helps in knowing how and where to construct a building, to get the maximum assistance from nature and to live with expediency and wellbeing. 


The knowledge of vaastu shastra harmonizes the elements of our body with the elements of nature and other forces. This is very beneficial in our daily activities. It gives us information about where and how to construct a room, outward appearance and interior architecture which would help us lead peaceful life without any issues.


Vaastu also gives information about the nature and effect of directions and the kind of work to be done in the given direction. It also defines problems that may arise like health issues, psychological distress, loss in business and other regular issues and their remedies.


Vaastu tips for a happy home


  •  South-west is the most appropriate direction for bedroom, while central, west and southern directions are good for constructing other rooms.
  •  South-east is considered inauspicious for bedroom.
  •  West or North is perfect directions to have children’s bedroom. Their study table needs to be placed to the north or East of the room and they should be facing east when they are studying.
  •  One should evade from sleeping with their head facing the north.
  •   Study room can be painted with green, since it enhances aptitude.
  •    Prayer room in the house can be painted with yellow or sandal color whereas for living room, south-east corner is the most suitable direction.  

Vaastu tips for children’s room 

  •  As mentioned above, west or north is the best direction to allocate children’s room. Sometimes east is also favorable.
  •  According to the vaastu for children, east is not advisable to have the bedroom for a married couple.
  •  South-west is the most suitable direction to place the couch.
  •   Mirror should not be placed to the opposite of the bed.
  •   Furniture should not stick to the wall, as it impedes the flow of energy.
  •   The study table should face east, north or north-east cornet when children are studying.
  •    Electronic device should not be placed in the kid’s room. However, if required, south-east corner is the most appropriate 

Vaastu tips for bathroom: 

  •   East is the most appropriate direction for bathroom.
  •   Bathrooms should have proper ventilation and lighting.
  •   Geyser should be placed in the south-east corner.
  •   Drainage should be to the north-east and taps and shower to the north.
  •   The bathroom’s door should not be facing south-west.
  •   South-east and north-west are the best directions to place the washing machine.
  •    Bathtub can be placed to the west. 

Vaastu tips for bedroom 

  •  South is the favorite direction for bedroom to enhance peace in the house.
  •  One should sleep with his head pointing towards the south and should totally avoid north.
  •   There should be no godly idols in the bedroom
  •  West or southwest is the right place to have a book shelf if one is interested.
  •   South-west is the just right for master bedroom, while other bedrooms can be to the eastern or the northern side of it.
  •    Square or rectangle shapes are the most preferred for bedrooms.

Vaastu tips for kitchen 

  •  South-east is the ideal direction to have kitchen or sometimes even north-west is recommended.
  •  Vaastu opposes the construction of kitchen in north-east, mid-north, mid-west, south-west mid-south and the center.
  •   The cooking stage should not be in contact with the wall to the east or north.
  •    East is the most excellent direction for cooking and is considered to be fortunate.
  •    There should be no ridge above the cooking platform.
  •     North-best is the best place for refrigerators.
  •     There should be sufficient provision for ventilation in the kitchen.

Vaastu tips for dining room 

  •  West is the ultimate direction for dining room.
  •   One should ensure that kitchen and dining room are on the same floor and contiguous, while planning the architecture for  the house.
  •   Square or rectangle dining table is the best to go for.
  •    Dining table should not touch the wall of the room.
  •     Pink and orange are the most suitable colors for dining room.
  •    South-east is the right direction to place fridge.
  •     East or north is the right place to make provision for washbasin in the dining room.

Vaastu Shastra for land and plot


Location of the plot: 

  •  A land that was used as a burial ground or for cremation purposes should be avoided. It should be level and flat. Any land on a hill or a mountain top should not be preferred. If it is slant, then the inclination towards north or east is fine. However it is not desirable to have the slope towards the east.
  •  Any gorge or a crate in the ground is considered inauspicious.
  •  Any plot located between two large plots should be avoided since it leads to poverty.
  •  Plot situated next to a bridge is considered inauspicious, especially if it is to the north or east. It is ok to have a bridge in the south or west direction.
  •  Any plot with stumbling blocks of hills or tall structures to the north, north-east or east should be avoided as they may block the rays of the sun. On the other hand, to have them to the west or south is considered to be fortunate as it brings vigor, affluence and happiness by blocking the unsafe western rays.
  •  A water body to the south-west of a building leads to despair, while the one on the north-east is considered good.
  •  To have any electric power supply or power station on the north-east is not fine for the ambience.
  •  The plot should not be contained by places like temples, hospitals or any industries within the distance, twice as the height of the building. If it is more, then there is no objection. A house should not be within 80ft. from any temple and the entrance should not face the temple. Also the shadow of the temple should not fall on the house.
  •  One should avoid plots in the vicinity of a meat shop, laundry or a shoe shop.
  •   The frontier should be higher on the west and south and should be lower on the north and east part.
  •    A plot with roads facing all the 4 main directions has its effects. This is known as veedhi shoola, or therukuthu.  This is not the same as roads stretching along the planes. 



Direction of the roads


Nature of effects

( N / NE )

Very good

Considered excellent for women and business activities.  Guarantees wealth and prosperity for residents.

( E / NE )

Very good

Very good for men. Fancied for newspaper offices/presses/photo studios/media industries and residences.

South/ Southeast
( S / SE )


 Bestows harmony and happiness.  Good for women.  Improves the financial status of the residents.

( E / SE )


Leads to increase in expenses.  Can make the inmates greedy and lead to accidents.  Lawsuits  and government penalty can be initiated.

( N / NW )


Endorses indiscipline and can promote wicked or unlawful activities.  General volatility is eminent.

West/ Northwest
( W / NW )


Good for men. Promotes business/profession. Improves stance and other activities.

South/ Southwest
( S / SW )

Very bad

Affects wealth / finance.  Results in accidents and bad habits for inmates, especially women.  Can invite trouble from various sources.

West/ Southwest
( W / SW )

Very bad

Effects the contentment of all inmates, especially the men.  Frequent quarrels, problems and poverty can occur.



  •   Any plot with roads in all the 4 directions should be preferred. This welcomes health, prosperity and affluence.
  •   Any plot with roads on the 3 sides of north, west and east is not considered to be good. Same is the case for plots with roads to the north south and west or east, south, and west.
  •   It’s good to have roads to the east and north sides of the plot.
  •  Having roads to the north and west is considered to be average, whereas the plot with the road running by the side     and  ending at the north-east corner is considered good. A road or pathway to the east or north is good but not so, to the south or west side.
  •  Plot on a T or Y junction is considered to be gloomy.
  •  Square or rectangular plots are considered to be superlative. The 4 sides of the plot should face the 4 main directions. Also a hexagon shaped plot is considered to be auspicious.
  •  Plot facing east is considered excellent for researchers or intellectuals, priests, professors and teachers etc. Plot facing north is good for people in power, authority and working for government.
  •   Plot towards the south is considered to be good for business class.
  •   Plot facing west is good for people working for the society and other non-profit organizations.
  •   If the plot is not facing the 4 chief directions and if the road does not face any of them, then the house should be constructed facing any of the directions atleast.        


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