How does Planetpillars.Com Works

Planetpillars.Com  is a international real estate web portal that offers an online platform to buy, sell or rent properties across World vide . Agents, Builders, Property owners  owners ,  list their properties on Planetpillars.Com  for sale or rent. Buyers choose a suitable property from the numerous listings on the site.

Do i have to create an account to use Planetpillars.Com for Sell or Rent

You can search for properties on the site world wide without creating an account or registering with Planetpillars.Com. However, to list a property for sale, you need to create an account.
By creating the Planetpillars.Com account:

  Buyer can search for properties easily and effectively

  Sellers  can post their property requirements, manage and update them, as and when they wish

  Buyer can receive property alerts to their registered email ID

  Buyer can shortlist a property for easy future reference

  Buyer can save a search and access it anytime using the ‘Saved Search’ option

  Seller can list their property for sale or rent

  Seller can list all types of properties for sale or rent- the ones they solely own, the ones they are an agent to and their building projects

  Seller can create different accounts to meet their different needs

  Seller can upload their company details by creating different profiles

  Seller can assign users to their account, to access a part of the account, to manage their property listings and responses

Can i list a property for free ?

Yes, Register users can post their properties free for 1 month.

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